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5 Reasons You’ll Love Being a Certified Electronics Technician


Flexible hours and having weekends & holidays off: There is no point in having a high-paying job if you don’t have time to spend with your loved ones. As a Certified Electronics Technician, you’ll be able to spend weekends, evenings, and holidays with your friends and family.


Great pay: The benefits of working for Fortune 50/100 companies are excellent (i.e. 401k, pension, time off, tuition reimbursement, health insurance, paternity/maternity, bereavement, etc.).


Growth opportunities: There are numerous opportunities to grow both financially and professionally in the electronics technician field.


Working in a friendly and fun environment: It’s rare to meet a Certified Electronics Technician that doesn’t like their job. Exciting professions are full of good humor, co-workers are usually great friends, and many love their job.


Extensive Knowledge: You'll earn 13 valuable industry-recognized certifications that give you the knowledge and skills employers are looking for. You don't need prior electronics experience.

STRAC Institute’s program provides you with everything you need to become a Certified Electronics Technician in just 5 months and start loving your job.

Our Certified Electronics Training program prepares students for entry- and mid-level electronics jobs in a variety of settings, from aerospace to electric vehicle companies.

Towards the end of the program, a member of our Employment Team will work with you to create your job profile based on your interests, talents, and where you’d like to work. They’ll work hard to find you a position with an employer who’s a good match and help you with resumes, interview prep, and responding to job offers.

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