When the Chip Supply is Down, Tech Work Looks Up

Written by Alan Earls. To say there is a chip shortage is true but not very informative. There are still plenty of chips being manufactured in the world but not always enough and not always of the right type. Until Covid, the supply and demand for chips usually stayed pretty much in balance. In the […]

Life as a certified electronics technician

Written by Tim Sawyer. Over the past six months, I have spent a significant amount of time researching the field of electronics. In addition to online research, I have interviewed tech executives, corporate recruiters, teachers, administrators, bestselling authors, and everyday people seeking careers in this rapidly growing industry. As an advocate for increasing awareness and […]

Electronics represent a call to action for US labor force

Written by Tim Sawyer. In the famous words communicated from Apollo 13 to NASA operators. “Houston, we have a problem.” In this case, the problem is a shortage of semiconductors and electronic components desperately needed to operate the things we can’t live without like smart appliances, cars, tv’s and computers. This trend is likely to […]

The AC/DC World of Boating

powerboat electronics

Written by Alan Earls. Glistening powerboats, whether cruising Biscayne Bay or wending their way around Maine’s Mount Desert Island, have a secret – they are packed full of electronics that needs maintenance and upgrades. There are plenty of wonderful things about new (or recently built) boats coming on the market. Yet, there is a hidden […]