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5 Ways To Know If an Electronics Career Is Right For You

After being in the Certified Electronics Technician field for a long time, we’ve figured out five ways to know if Certified Electronics Technician is a good fit for someone like you:


You are creative,like troubleshooting issues, and fixing problems.


You like working with your hands (not sitting at a desk all day).


You like being on a team and having fun.


You want to have a good income with a lot of opportunities for advancement.


You want to have a flexible schedule and generally have weekends and holidays to spend with the people you love.

When you become a Certified Electronics Technician, your skills are vital to a lot of companies. In our program, you’ll earn the certifications required to work for top employers such as Disney, Verizon, and Motorola. The opportunities are endless!

Electronics are everywhere and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what electronics and machinery can do when combined. From what we use, ride in, and even live in, electronic devices play a part and their use continues to grow as the world becomes more automated.

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