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Press Release: STRAC Institute and Brown University Collaborate on Virtual Technology

STRAC Institute and Brown University Collaborate on Virtual Technology

Providence, RI, December 2, 2020 – STRAC Institute and Brown University have entered into a research agreement that can change the way vocational training is delivered worldwide.

Vocational skills have traditionally been taught “hands-on” in the classroom. “We see this changing,” said Michael Videira, President of STRAC Institute, a technical school based in Providence. “We believe the skills of tool manipulation can effectively be taught by haptic simulation training.” Haptics involves the use of technology to simulate the sense of touch.

The two schools are developing a virtual multimodal (visual, audio, and haptic) soldering system to augment conventional hands-on soldering training methods.

“I am excited about our collaboration,” added Dr. Stefanie Tellex, Brown’s Principal Investigator. ”Soldering skills are a real limitation to scaling our educational drone program. There is a lot of opportunity to improve the process through the virtual experience.”

Videira anticipates bringing the benefits of this research to other vocational training, such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. “This technology is on track to become the scalable and affordable solution to providing skills training remotely.”

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